Bénine van Karnebeek is a Dutch artist working and living in The Hague.
Bénine paints with discarded bookcovers treasuring their weathered colors, stains, and the remnants of their history.
As she works with the covers, each piece takes on its own unique personality in terms of color, texture, size, and thickness.
As she searches for a way to connect these individual pieces, Bénine questions what truly unites them. It’s more than the fact that they are book covers or share a common color scheme.
Could it be the space between the covers that creates the connection, or perhaps the rhythm in which she arranges the pieces? It often takes her a while to find this rhythm. Moreover from time to time she intentionally disrupts it. Could this very interruption be what creates the connection?
And where does this rhythm come from? Has she encountered it before in sight or sound, and stored it in her memory?
Instead of finding answers, more questions arise.
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